Obey Design Clothing Interview
OBEY: Behind the Face

OBEY Clothing has always been well known for their street cred and massive propaganda campaign. We go behind the scenes of OBEY Clothing to speak with the designers behind the face. Mike Ternosky and Erin Wignall join us.

Shuebox: The Little Store that Could

Melrose in LA used to be the only spot for hot independent designers, but today's independent fashion has moved beyond the borders of LA to the little town of Seal Beach.

Shuebox Shoe Store
META: Sibling Duo

A culmination between Sarah's keen interest in fashion and her younger brother's gifted talent towards graphic design sparked the idea to start the META clothing label.


Fashion Gallery
Check out our photo gallery!
Presenting the future of fashion designers. CSULB shows only their best at annual show.
Subject Matter Gallery
Boutique: New kid on the block
Formerly located in Newport Beach, Subject Matter moves to the Anti-Mall in Costa Mesa.
Whodini Handmade Gallery
Style: Whodini Handmade
Fun, functional, and simple accessories. Check out the magic.

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